A JOHNSTONE cycle lane that has been branded "a death trap" is to be scrapped after a fierce backlash from the community.

At a full meeting of Renfrewshire Council yesterday, elected members unanimously agreed to remove the temporary cycleway on Beith Road and examine alternative plans for active travel in the area.

There have been numerous complaints about problems the lane has been causing for cyclists and drivers.

Four councillors – SNP duo Andy Steel and Jacqueline Cameron and Labour pair John Hood and Jim Sharkey – who called for it be binned received resounding support at yesterday's meeting, as elected members ordered officials to go back to the drawing board.

The decision to scrap the lane – part of a trial route between Howwood and Paisley – comes after a petition against it attracted 1,500 signatures.

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Councillor Steel complained there was a safety risk, as the lane was not being kept clean and debris was forcing cyclists into the road.

He told the meeting: “When something isn’t working, there is no point in digging your heels in and saying it is.

“This isn’t working. Elected members from all parties have raised concerns and, I think, justifiably.

“Rather than encouraging people to cycle, it’s had the exact opposite effect, with hostility and resistance to cycling on the increase.

“Given that the lane is not being kept clean, it is not usable in some places due to glass, stone and other debris.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw cyclists along the car lane with an empty cycle lane beside them and drivers getting pretty angry. Everyone loses out and safety is jeopardised.

“I don’t argue with the positive intent behind it at all but the execution has not been successful.”

Councillor Steel added that he felt people in Johnstone and neighbouring Elderslie had not been properly consulted on the issue and stressed this should be done for future projects.

The council did carry out a consultation but it was highlighted during the meeting that many people were unaware of it.

Councillor Hood, who voiced his concerns about the lane before Christmas, added: “Unfortunately, it’s taken Andy [Steel] a wee bit of time to come to the decision that it’s not actually working.

“I had been in contact with numerous people four or five months ago, when this started, regarding the fact it wasn’t going to work.

“There have been two serious incidents. An 18-year-old was knocked down at the junction of Rannoch Road and had to go to hospital and a 37-year-old was knocked off her bike.

“I don’t disagree with cycle tracks but they’ve got to be put in the right place."