CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed a U-turn by Renfrewshire Council over a controversial cycle lane described as “a death trap.”

The temporary cycleway on Beith Road, Johnstone, is being scrapped after a fierce backlash from local residents, who have hailed the decision as a victory for people power.

Elderslie woman Angela Kaplan, who gathered 1,400 signatures for a petition that called on roads chiefs to axe the route, said: “I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who signed it.

“After the council’s decision about the cycle lane being rescinded, I’ve received so many comments saying ‘power to the people.’

“I’ve also had comments from people in other districts like Glasgow and East Renfrewshire, where similar things are happening, and I’ve told them that, if they get a few people together, like we did here in Johnstone and Elderslie, maybe they can change some minds.”

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At a full council meeting on Thursday, elected members unanimously agreed the cycle path should be removed.

Four councillors – SNP duo Andy Steel and Jacqueline Cameron and Labour pair John Hood and Jim Sharkey – who called for it be binned received resounding support as officials were ordered to go back to the drawing board.

The decision to scrap the lane – part of a trial route between Howwood and Paisley – comes after complaints were made about safety.

Mrs Kaplan, 48, said a determined team effort has resulted in the route being scrapped.

She added: “I don’t want any credit for this, as I would be nowhere if other people in Johnstone and Elderslie hadn’t signed and shared the petition.

“If I was in charge of that project, I would be very embarrassed because a lot of money has been spent on it and it hasn’t worked.”

The Gazette: John Hood voiced his concerns about the cycle lane before Christmas. Picture: Vicki AllisonJohn Hood voiced his concerns about the cycle lane before Christmas. Picture: Vicki Allison

Councillor John Hood added: “Angela did a fantastic job and that was one of the biggest petitions I've seen in a long while.

“It just shows the feeling against the cycle lane, it is great to see people taking it their own hands and saying ‘No, this is not good and we really want to see it changed.’”

A council spokesperson said: “We note the decision taken at the recent full council meeting and will take forward its instruction to remove the cycle lane on Beith Road, with the works to do so taking place in due course.”