OPERA is coming to Renfrewshire next month...at an outdoor venue in what was once Scotland’s most polluted street.

There will be four performances of an adaptation of Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana at the new covered venue in Central Road, Paisley, which was previously used as a bus and taxi hub.

Professional soloists and Amicus Orchestra will join Paisley Opera’s full community chorus in the new production, said to have a specially-commissioned “local” translation.

Directed by Fiona Williams, the production of A Paisley Kiss sets the world-renowned opera in the town and includes its history, culture and landmarks.

The translation, by Lindsay Bramley, is laced with local dialect and references.

Simon Hannigan, founder of Paisley Opera, said: “Postponed since June 2020, we are incredibly excited about at last presenting A Paisley Kiss.

“Mascagni’s masterpiece about love and betrayal, all set around the town square, works so well in Lindsay Bramley’s new translation.

“It gives a unique twist on the original story in less time than a football match, resulting in exciting, accessible opera for all.”

“While we may not quite have Sicilian weather, Paisley has a great sense of community which lends itself perfectly to the drama of this piece.”

The show will run from Friday, April 29, to Monday, May 2, with performances at 7pm.

Tickets can be booked online at www.oneren.org/whats-on. They are also available from Bianco e Nero Coffee shop, in Gauze Street, and White Cart Company, in High Street, Paisley.

For more details, call 0790 026 5146 or email pr.paisleyopera@gmail.com.