A JOHNSTONE community has been thanked for raising funds to build a water pump in a poverty-stricken area of Pakistan.

Residents living in the Howwood Road area of town started a collection for Amjad Khan and his family after learning the local shopkeeper’s mum had recently passed away.

The Khan family decided to use the £190 raised to help more people in Tharparkar, the largest district in the Sindh province of Pakistan, have access to clean water.

The Gazette:

During his time in the country in March to attend his mum’s funeral, Amjad worked alongside the Shad Human Welfare and Development charity to help organise the construction of the water pump.

It took around five weeks to build and, following its successful installation last week, the charity sent footage to the Khan family of local children using the pump.

The video also showed the recipients of the pump praying for the people of Johnstone as a way of thanking them for their donations.

A sign attached to the pump states: ‘Allah bless the people of Johnstone, Scotland.’

The Gazette:

The district of Tharparkar has the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) rating anywhere in Sindh.

With the help of the Howwood Road Tenants’ and Residents’ Association (TARA), the Khan family organised an outdoor buffet last month to show their appreciation for all the support from their customers.

Under a gazebo in Highcraig Avenue, there was a variety of South Asian and Western cuisine on offer, ranging from samosas, pakora and chicken curry to pizza, chocolate and crisps.

The Gazette:

The event took place near the SSB Store, known locally as Emzed’s, which the Khan family have run for almost 25 years.

Amjad told The Gazette: “Our family would like to thank the whole community not only for the money they donated but also for their kind words.

“We would like to give a special thanks to the Howwood Road TARA group for all their help with organising the food event.

“The local community have supported us not only on this occasion but throughout the years for other things as well, so we just wanted to say an overall thank-you to everyone.”