A SINGER from Elderslie is encouraging fellow music lovers to attend a specially-commissioned translation of a world-renowned opera.

Margaret McGregor, 62, is a member of the community chorus at Paisley Opera, which will be staging four performances of A Paisley Kiss this week.

The grandmother-of-two said she is looking forward to performing in front of a live audience again.

She told The Gazette: “I enjoy being involved with Paisley Opera because it is good fun and I’ve always liked singing.

“We missed each other when the lockdowns were on and it has been nice to come back together again.

“It is good to be part of a community, we are like a big family.”

Since February, the group have been able to meet in-person again for rehearsals in the hall at St Mirin’s Cathedral, in Paisley.

The Gazette: Rehearsals for A Paisley KissRehearsals for A Paisley Kiss

Professional soloists and Amicus Orchestra will join Paisley Opera’s full community chorus in their new production, which is an adaption of Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana.

The new translation, by Lindsay Bramley, is laced with local dialect and references and will be performed in a covered venue in Central Road, Paisley, which was previously used as a bus and taxi hub.

Margaret, who is an alto singer in the chorus, said: “It’s great to sing using this new translation.

“The show will be performed underneath a bridge in the centre of Paisley and, in the past, we’ve performed in a lot of unusual pop-up locations, such as Paisley Abbey and a big tent in the Seedhill playing fields.”

Margaret has been involved with Paisley Opera since it was formed in 2017, shortly after she retired from her job as a nurse at the Beatson Cancer Charity.

She said: “A lot of people think opera is very high-brow but our motto has always been ‘passion not posh.’

“As this new production is in English, people will be able to understand what’s going on and it only lasts an hour-and-a-half, so I’d encourage people to come along.

“If you enjoy singing, then you might also want to consider joining us, as it’s really good fun.”

The show will run from Friday to Monday, with performances at 7pm.

To book tickets, visit www.oneren.org/whats-on.