A PAIR of candidates seeking votes in this week's council elections have pledged to make a difference in the area if they are re-elected.

Labour duo John Hood and Iain McMillan, who are both standing in the Johnstone South and Elderslie ward, are among six candidates vying to win one of the four seats available.

Councillor Hood, who was first elected back in 2003, told The Gazette: "I am hoping to be re-elected to continue working for the area I've lived in for most of my life.

"There is much work to do and I still have plenty of commitment, enthusiasm and energy to make a difference to our area."

Iain McMillan was an elected member for 22 years – most recently representing Johnstone South, Elderslie and Howwood – until he quit in 2017.

Now, after five years out, he is hoping to win a seat once again after spending the past few years as secretary of Johnstone Community Council.

Mr McMillan said: "After 22 years on the council, I've spent the last five years working voluntary for a number of organisations in the area.

"I've got a lot of experience both in and out of the council and I want to put that to good use in working for the people of Johnstone South and Elderslie.

"Both John and I will be working to bring about much needed improvements to the area."

Renfrewshire will go to the polls on Thursday and the count is due to take place the following day.

The four other candidates standing in the Johnstone South and Elderslie ward are Jacqueline Cameron and Andy Steel (SNP), Brian Jackson (Conservatives) and Robert MacIntyre (Lib Dems).