A TEENAGER has admitted killing a Johnstone man by stabbing him through the heart with a kitchen knife.

Jack McBride was just 17 when he plunged the blade into his neighbour Johnny Winters during a confrontation in a town centre street on April 1, 2020.

He had gone on trial at the High Court in Glasgow charged with murdering 26 year-old Johnny but, via his QC Thomas Ross, had his guilty plea to the reduced charge of culpable homicide accepted by prosecutors today.

The court heard that McBride and Johnny had both lived in High Street, Johnstone.

McBride previously suspected Johnny was responsible for the door of his family home being torched in 2019.

He also believed Johnny's partner had made a threat towards his sister.

On the night of the fatal attack, McBride called his ex-girlfriend, ranting about the victim.

This included him stating: "You think I cannot kill someone? You think my bark is bigger than my bite?

"Johnny Winters thinks he is a name. I will be a name."

Both his ex and his mother failed to calm McBride down and he soon left the flat, armed with a kitchen knife.

The teenager stood outside Johnny's flat and yelled at him to come downstairs.

Prosecutor Neil McCulloch told the court: "McBride video recorded this interaction and shared it over Snapchat.

"The Snapchat commences with a screenshot of a text message sent earlier by him to Johnny Winters.

"It is captioned: 'F*** Johnny – tried him once, I'll try him again. Lets hope he does something this time.'

"McBride can be seen in the recording shouting up at the window, demanding he come out.

"Johnny Winters can be heard telling him to come up.

"The recording ends with a selfie of McBride captioned 'gametime'."

Johnny had been at home with his partner and his friend Adam Gallagher.

Giving evidence, Mr Gallagher recalled going outside and seeing McBride and Johnny "squaring up" to each other.

He told the court: "I was saying to Jack to go back to his house and asking what he was doing.

"I was trying to get him to see sense."

Jurors heard that Johnny struck McBride with the "blunt side" of a hatchet.

The teenager responded by stabbing Johnny once in the chest with the knife before running off.

Mr Gallagher added: "Johnny had his new jacket on and I saw the material inside of it coming out.

"I asked 'Did he stab you?' He said 'no', then his face changed, he went all weird...and that was that.

"He collapsed and I caught him. I was talking to him, trying to stop the blood. He was staring at the sky."

Medics soon arrived but were unable to save Johnny.

The court heard that McBride again contacted his ex-girlfriend and admitted he had stabbed Johnny, believing he had died.

Prosecutors accepted that McBride had carried out the fatal attack "under provocation."

McBride, now 19, was remanded in custody by judge Lady Haldane, who deferred sentencing until next month so background reports can be carried out.