A TAXI driver has told of his outrage after he and several neighbours woke up to find the tyres on their cars had been slashed.

Stewart Connelly made the discovery in Simons Crescent, Renfrew, at 5am last Wednesday as he headed out to start work.

According to 59-year-old Stewart, almost 10 cars had their tyres slashed, including a vehicle belonging to an elderly neighbour.

He also said cars in other streets nearby have been targeted.

Stewart told The Gazette: “I noticed that one of my neighbours had two tyres down and I looked at his other ones and they were down as well.

“I went to my own car and I had one flat tyre. The car in front of me was done, my brother’s and my son’s girlfriend’s were done, then further down the road there were more cars done, just at random.

“We later found out the tyres had been stabbed. They were all sliced on the wall of the tyres.

“We have been reliably informed cars were done in Campbell Street and Renfield Street too.”

This is not the first vandalism incident to affect the street in recent months.

Stewart said the windscreen and passenger window of his car were “put in with a slingshot and ball bearings” between Christmas and New Year.

This latest incident, like the one that took place over the festive period, has cost him work while he waited on repairs to be carried out.

Stewart added: “My tyre was totally flat, so I lost out on work, as did everyone else on the street, including my neighbour that had the four done. He couldn’t go to his work.

“When I came back after getting my tyre fixed, there was a guy who was about 75 to 80 blowing his tyre up and I don’t know if he was aware of what had happened.

“The police were informed and visited Simons Crescent. They chapped a few doors but nothing else appears to be getting done.

“I think they should be looking at CCTV in the area.”

Police said enquiries are continuing into “a number of vandalisms to vehicles on Simons Crescent and neighbouring streets in Renfrew overnight on Tuesday, May 3, into Wednesday, May 4.”

A spokesperson added: “Anyone with information can contact officers via 101.”