A MONEY launderer who cashed in after a pensioner was ripped off by bogus builders has been locked up.

Gary Curran, 54, benefited from 76-year-old James Moodie’s misfortune after the OAP agreed to pay for roof repairs at his Renfrewshire home.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that “Irish travellers” who turned up at Mr Moodie’s house convinced him to make cheques out to Curran, who then received a share for using his bank account to store the cash.

Curran received three cheques and tried to withdraw the funds from banks between September 12 and 19, 2019.

He told police that he was paid £500 per cheque for his part in the operation.

Curran pled guilty to acquiring, using and possessing £28,000 which was criminal property.

The court heard that Mr Moodie had roofing work carried out at his Bishopton home in September 2019.

Prosecutor John Bedford said: “The workmen asked Mr Moodie to send a total of three cheques – two for £10,000 and one for £8,000 – to be made out to Gary Curran.”

Curran later went to the bank to withdraw £9,000 from each of the two £10,000 cheques that had been paid in.

Staff became suspicious when he tried to lift another £4,500 from the £8,000 cheque.

Police were alerted and spoke with Mr Moodie.

Mr Bedford said: “He informed officers that he was approached by workmen about work being completed on his roof.

“They advised he needed work carried out and he agreed but he was of the opinion that it consisted of replacing a few roof tiles.”

After being traced by officers, Curran “spoke freely” about having worked for people “described as Gypsies.”

He stated that he did landscaping for them but did not visit Mr Moodie’s home.

Campbell Porter, defending, told the court that Curran, of Darnley, took part as he was “short of money.”

The lawyer added: “He did some work for Irish travellers who offered him landscape work for £60 a day.

“They said they would pay £500 for cheques to his bank account.”

Sheriff Matthew Jackson QC stated that the Crown had distanced Curran from being part of “bogus builders” but added that he was involved in “laundering this money.”

Jailing Curran for a year, he told him: “I’m satisfied that a custodial sentence is appropriate in this case.”