WORRIED residents in a Renfrew street are calling for urgent action to repair “unsafe” window ledges.

In January, The Gazette told how Springfield Properties removed more than a dozen concrete sills from a Kenley Road building last autumn after one broke apart and plunged to the ground below.

The property developer then pledged to replace the ledges but it is understood that no repairs have so far been carried out.

Colin McNab, who lives in one of the flats, said: “In the last communication I had with Springfield in May, they said they were going to honour the repairs for our block but nothing has happened.

The Gazette:

“With us now in the summer, the potential for a ledge to fall off and kill someone remains high, in my view.

“The idea of one of these sills falling from height onto the head of a kid playing in the common grass area absolutely frightens the life out of me.

“We are now approaching one full year since the first ledge fell off and we do not want a fatality.”

Innes Smith, chief executive at Springfield Properties, said ensuring public safety had been the company’s immediate priority once staff had been made aware of residents’ concerns.

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He added: “The damaged ledges were removed and an independent structural engineering firm was commissioned to assess all the window sills on the apartments.

“Their report confirms the remaining ledges are safe.

“A contractor has been appointed to install new ledges where required to the homes that we sold. Whilst we are waiting on confirmation of a timescale, we expect the works to take place in the coming months.”

Matthew Maguire, who lives in a neighbouring block of flats owned by Redrow, said the ledges on that building are also slowly disintegrating.

The Gazette:

“The window sill outside my bedroom window has a big crack down it and it has been getting worse over time,” he added.

“Even though Springfield have promised to repair the ledges on their buildings, Redrow have made it very clear to me during our correspondence that they are not willing to do that.

“I’m concerned that, if these ledges are not fixed soon, they could fall and potential kill somebody.”

A spokesperson for Redrow told The Gazette: “We are very aware of the issue raised by Mr Maguire. The apartments are no longer under warranty. However, we are currently investigating the concerns raised.”