YOUNGSTERS at a Renfrewshire school have staged a digital art exhibition.

Pupils of all ages at Langbank Primary were asked to create a unique piece of modern art which depicted their feelings looking back on lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The school also secured funding from Screen Scotland, which was used to work with film practitioner David Griffith over 10 weeks.

Children and staff developed their art skills, with their creations were showcased during a special exhibition at the school.

David helped pupils create their own films with soundtracks, whilst capturing the whole process to produce his own documentary.

Following the success of the digital art exhibition, the school is now planning to showcase its art and film work within the local community at venues such as Langbank Church.

Heather Davis, principal teacher at Langbank Primary, said: “It was wonderful to have a special event to share with our school community.

“As a staff, we gained new digital skills which we will take forward in future learning experiences in the school.”