With updates, upgrades, and new equipment, home entertainment technology is constantly changing. So, whether you're looking for a holiday gift or simply treating yourself, the most cutting-edge in-home theatre technology is always available.

Echo Studio

Look no further than Echo Studio, the ultimate version of Echo Dot, for a one-stop shop of smart homeowners' delight. It's likely the only smart speaker that combines high-fidelity Dolby Atmos sound quality with, ta-da, Alexa.

On the one hand, its auto acoustic sensor ensures room-specific playback. On the other hand, it can communicate with over a thousand smart home devices. Really, Echo Studio is the pinnacle of smart-home living.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max is a larger version of the Google Nest Hub, a smart speaker with a screen that was previously known as the Google Home Hub. It also has a front-facing camera and can be connected to Google's Nest platform to function as a smart home camera. According to observations, this aspect of the Google Nest Hub Max requires some improvement.

You can also use the Google Nest Hub Max to manage and control hundreds of smart home devices from various manufacturers, such as smart lights, and thermostats, or even listen to music news and even search for a roulette wheel strategy while playing at an online casino; eliminating the need to use multiple apps.

It has good enough sound to function as a mini Hi-Fi, Google Assistant is responsive, and the large screen allows you to watch YouTube while cooking.

Despite some minor issues at launch, the Google Nest Hub Max is not only a fantastic smart display but also a fantastic smart speaker and a way to keep yourself entertained while you wait for your onions to sauté.

Indoor Wireless HD Security Camera

Install one (or three, or five) of these wireless security cameras discreetly to keep the bad guys from Us or The Strangers on their toes. Because they are powered by batteries, the bad guys cannot disable them by cutting off the main power supply.

If the bad guys in this case are your pets, it can record video clips and allow you to monitor your paw-y roommates. You can even get creative and customise which movements should be alerted—moonwalks, taps, TikTok renegade dances, and so on. (Please speak through the connected device to put an end to the last one.)

Roomba i3+ EVO (3550) Robot Vacuum

You despise cleaning. You don't have to with iRobot's vacuum. It uses power-lifting suction to dust every tile and has sensors to navigate the floors and detect obstacles.

It can figure out where the kitchen is or when you want the living room cleaned by learning your home and living schedule, which isn't as scary as it sounds. It also learns your voice. It also charges and then resumes from where it left off. When it comes at you, the least you can do is put your feet up.

Best smart TV: Samsung S95B TV

The Samsung S95B is a game changer, thanks to Samsung Display's incredible QD-OLED panel, which combines OLED technology's inky black levels with the saturated and supremely accurate colour made possible by quantum dots. Samsung has redefined the criteria for a top-tier TV with this model. This could be the best 4K smart TV ever made.

Elegant wireless speaker: Sonus Faber Omnia

Connect Sonus Faber's stunning Omnia speaker to your Wi-Fi network and stream high-resolution music from Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal, or your own Roon server. This premium speaker also supports Spotify Connect and Bluetooth (with aptX HD compatibility), as well as Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast.

Guests will be able to stream their favourite playlists thanks to all of the connectivity options. Furthermore, because it supports digital and analogue wired sources, you can connect your favourite turntable, CD player, or virtually any other playback device. It even has HDMI input if you want to use it as a high-end soundbar. Even when it's not playing music, Omnia's beautiful design, high-quality wood finish, and impeccable build quality are a visual feast.

Bespoke AirDresser Clothing Care System

While you're here, might as well raise the IQ of your closet. Samsung's AirDresser basically brings the whole dry cleaner to your bedroom. That should tell you what it can do to your bespoke suits or wardrobe basics: Sanitize via steaming, eliminating odour, drying, wrinkle-reducing, etc.

The smart part comes from its ability to learn and recommend cleaning cycles for materials like down, wool/knit, and fur/leather. Airdresser also cleans itself—who knows what your clothes have picked up outside? While it is heavy, the setup is beyond simple—plug it into an outlet and go.