Driving on UK roads can be very frustrating with the habits of fellow motorists sometimes making this much worse.

However, many others may be doing these habits completely unaware that they are annoying to other road users.

This is why research has been undertaken by driving experts to find the country's most annoying pet peeves.

The research which was undertaken by Vertu Motors included some 2,000 UK drivers and provides some very interesting insights into what makes motorists tick.

The Gazette: (Canva) Only 10% said speeding was their most disliked driving habit(Canva) Only 10% said speeding was their most disliked driving habit (Image: Canva)

What are the most 'annoying' motoring habits to UK drivers?

The survey found that tailgating was among the most 'annoying' habits to drivers with almost half (47%) placing it at the top of their list.

A further 35% said choosing not to indicate was among the most annoying habits for them

While using your mobile phone while operating a vehicle is against the Highway Code it is still a common habit that 27% of respondents said frustrated them the most.

A fifth of those quizzed on the topic said those driving with full-beam lights was their biggest hate, making it one of the most disliked habits on the list.

Using two parking spaces when stationing your vehicle was another bugbear for many with 17% answering this while only 10% said speeding topped their most disliked habits.

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The Gazette: (Canva) The experts have revealed how you can avoid these annoying habits(Canva) The experts have revealed how you can avoid these annoying habits (Image: Canva)

Experts reveal how to avoid 'annoying' motoring habits when on the road

Here is how drivers can avoid some of the country's most annoying motoring habits:

Regularly refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code

Keeping up to date with the Highway Code and refreshing your knowledge of road rules can go a long way in making sure you are avoiding annoying habits.

However, research by Vertu Motors found that a staggering 44% of drivers had never refreshed their knowledge of the Highway Code, despite it being regularly updated and changed.

By reading the Highway Code at least once a year, drivers can stay in the loop.

Keep the right amount of distance between cars

With tailgating named the most annoying trait, it is important that drivers understand how much distance they should keep from the car in front of them.

The Highway Code states that drivers should keep a two-second gap between them and the car in front with adverse weather conditions increasing this to around four seconds.

Don’t let good habits slip on quiet or familiar roads

When driving on a familiar route or when there is no one about it, it can be tempting to let your guard down and ignore good habits like indicating when you are turning.

However, adhering to these routines is important as it can stop these habits from slipping when you are around other road users or pedestrians.