A WOMAN who took her own life over her mother’s care home debts is still getting final demands for the money, say her family.

Carol Docherty, 56, from Linwood, mistakenly believed she was responsible for 87-year-old dementia sufferer Margaret Dickie’s £850 a week fees.

She was unable to pay an outstanding balance of more than £40,000 to Lancefield Care Home in Johnstone and instead took her own life.

However, Carol’s daughter Collette claims she is still being pursued for the debt by sheriff’s officers, even though she died in June last year.

Since then letters have been sent to her former home demanding the money, one as recently as last month.

Collette, 32, said: “I don’t understand why they are chasing my mum for this debt, when she isn’t here any more.

“We are still getting getting invoices and letters from a firm of sheriffs officers saying she owes money to the care home.

The Gazette: Collette Docherty with her mum CarolCollette Docherty with her mum Carol (Image: Sourced)

“They sent us a letter in mum’s name in late February.

“A woman from a firm of sheriff’s officers then phoned and asked if I was Carol Docherty. I said she was dead.

“I was then asked if I was Margaret Dickie and I told the woman that Margaret, my grandmother, had dementia.

“My uncle phoned the care home, who claimed they had been sending out duplicate bills by mistake.”

Last week, The Gazette revealed how watchdog body the Care Inspectorate upheld a complaint against Lancefield from the Docherty family.

Relatives said no agreement or contract was put in place for Margaret by the owners to set out the costs associated with her care.

They also claimed nobody from the home or Renfrewshire Council explained that there were other payment options open to Carol. 

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Collette added: “At the time my mum was paying the fees from her own savings and pension when it could have been coming from the sale of my gran’s home in Linwood.

“The fees were so overwhelming for her, other than find a way out she did what she did.”

Margaret’s home has now been put up for sale to pay for her care home fees and unpaid debt.

Tragic Carol was found dead by husband Gary at the family home in Linwood nine months ago.

She hadn’t told her family about her worries over the care bills and they only found out after she passed away.

Lancefield Care home declined to comment.