Drivers looking to cut back on their spending on fuel are being alerted of a hack that could save them as much as £406 a year.

With the cost of living crisis continuing to hit households, and with the price of petrol and diesel still high, a lesser-known petrol saving hack could save motorists hundreds of pounds.

Experts from Hippo Leasing have revealed how UK motorists could save up to £406 a year by following one simple tip.

Drivers are able to save on their fuel by searching for the best offers within a five-mile radius using comparison sites such as PetrolPrices.

The Gazette:

One driver saved as much as £25.39 each time they filled up their car.

Tom Preston, at Hippo Leasing, advised: "Don't wait for your dashboard light to flash to tell you to fill up. It will cost you on average 35p to drive an extra few miles to a cheaper station in the area.

"This would be worthwhile if the savings on pence per litre are dramatic enough."

There are other ways you can save petrol, such as driving at a lower speed and thinking about your braking, David James, sales director at Right Fuel Card, told the Mirror.

He explained: “Using brakes less is a popular fuel-saving technique as it maximises your car's stored momentum and energy.

"This can be done by thinking ahead and taking your foot off the accelerator in advance, to prevent slamming. We do not recommend that you avoid using your brakes completely as this can of course be dangerous.

"It's also possible to allow the regenerative braking in an electric vehicle to handle most of the braking for you."