As Easter approaches, motorists are being warned about consuming too much chocolate before driving.

Motoring experts say indulging in Easter eggs could see drivers end up with a huge fine and even behind bars if they decide to get behind the wheel after eating them.

They have revealed the little-known side effects of the sweet treats Brits will eat during the Bank Holiday weekend.

Eating the chocolate treats is nowhere near as taboo as drinking alcohol but experts at ClickMechanic say that they can leave you feeling sluggish and potentially unsafe behind the wheel.

The Gazette: Eating too much chocolate before a journey could land drivers a fine or even jail timeEating too much chocolate before a journey could land drivers a fine or even jail time (Image: Canva)

Eating chocolate could see motorists fined or even put behind bars

Co-founder of the online repairs marketplace, Andrew Jervis, said: “Many people will have plans for the four-day Easter weekend. Whether that’s eating out, frequenting the spread at a family get together, or just sitting at home with hot cross buns and copious amounts of chocolate.

“Food plays an important role in this celebration, with chocolate treats a common sight in homes across the UK.

“But what many people are unaware of is the effect it can have on the body if eaten in larger quantities - and this can be an issue if you’re driving home later on.” 

Why is eating large quantities of chocolate dangerous before driving?

Chocolate, especially the milk and white varieties, is packed with sugar which can impact a person’s blood sugar levels.

Mr Jervis explained: “This makes blood sugar levels spike and causes the body to produce more insulin to fight the effects.

“The process often overcompensates, leading blood sugar levels to crash and making you feel tired, cranky and even dizzy or lightheaded.

“Chocolate also has a high fat content, which means it takes longer to digest and results in feeling sluggish.

“This isn’t great when you’re in charge of a vehicle as it can reduce your reaction time if there is an incident.”

The Gazette: Too much chocolate can affect driversToo much chocolate can affect drivers (Image: Canva)

Eating too much dark chocolate also has issues due to the high levels of magnesium in the high cocoa-concentrated food that some studies have concluded “induce sleep”.

Brake, a road safety charity, says that 10-20% of all UK road accidents are caused by fatigue.

Although there is no specific offence of driving while tired, it is considered to be a factor in causing a crash or serious incident which could see someone be charged with dangerous driving.

In the most serious cases that would mean a driving ban, an unlimited fine and up to 14 years in prison.

Mr Jervis said: “It’s still very easy to enjoy the long weekend of Easter celebrations and relax in the company of your friends and family.

“Just make sure you keep an eye on what you eat and drink to steer clear of any unfortunate situations.”