Glasgow Airport has issued a major update about its car parks.

The city airport is introducing a cashless system to its car parks.

The change will come into effect for the short-stay car park from April 26.

Meanwhile, the pickup and drop-off car parks will become completely cashless by May 19.

How will I pay for parking at Glasgow Airport? 


If you have not pre-booked your parking or if you are parking for short durations, you can choose to pay while exiting at the barriers or at any of the airport's upgraded Pay Stations.

The payment method will be via contactless or chip-and-pin.

If you are paying at one of the Pay Stations, simply input your vehicle registration.

Your fee will be calculated and a card payment can be made and your receipt will then be issued.

No tickets will be issued on entry unless the system is unable to read your vehicle registration plate, in which case a ticket will be issued.

If you have pre-booked your parking, no ticket will be issued on entry to the car park and will not be required for exiting the car park.

The system will recognise the vehicle registration and the barrier will lift automatically (provided that the vehicle registration has been input correctly on booking).

If your plans change and you need to extend your booking you can do so via your original booking and pay the extra online. 

To find out more or to edit bookings, please click here.