A councillor has called for better public transport links for visually-impaired veterans in Renfrewshire.

Carolann Davidson recently visited Sight Scotland's hub in Hawkhead Road, Paisley, to see the work of the charity first-hand.

The Paisley East and Centre representative, who is health spokesperson for Renfrewshire's Labour group, described the activity centre's work as "so important".

The Gazette: Councillor Carolann Davidson tries virtual reality with centre officer Jason TurnbullCouncillor Carolann Davidson tries virtual reality with centre officer Jason Turnbull (Image: Sight Scotland)

She told The Gazette: "The charity does so much to combat loneliness and isolation and for many veterans a visit to the centre is the highlight of their week. The activities they put on are just amazing, I even managed to play a veteran at pool and have a go of the VR headset.

"I really enjoyed my visit, and it was a great opportunity to meet many of the veterans who attend the centre and speak to them about how the charity helps them. They are all just so positive, it is a real inspiration. 

"I try and do as much as I can to help people with vision impairment in our local area, and regularly attend the Renfrewshire Visual Impairment Forum to discuss what we need to do better in our local community."

Councillor Davidson believes more needs to be done to improve public transport links at the Paisley hub.

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She said: "One of the big things we need to improve is public transport. People with vision impairment rely on public transport, and need a regular, reliable service, they can trust. 

"Unfortunately, there has been several local bus routes either cancelled or reduced due to costing issues. This needs to be looked at again."

We previously reported how reduced and withdrawn bus services since the beginning of May have adversely impacted a range of people in Renfrewshire.

A planned review of public transport by Renfrewshire Council will aim to better understand travel behaviours and identify barriers, needs and demands related to provision in the area.