ITV drama The Bay will return for a fifth series, the broadcaster has confirmed.

The fourth series of the Morecambe-based drama saw Marsha Thomason, playing Jenn Townsend, having settled into Morecambe CID alongside cast regulars Daniel Ryan, Erin Shanagher, Andrew Dowbiggin and Thomas Law.

Barry Sloane also returned as Chris Fischer, Jenn’s partner, and Georgia Scholes as Chris’s daughter Erin as well as David Carpenter and Emme Hayes as Conor and Maddie, Jenn’s children.

The Bay has been commissioned for ITV by Head of Drama, Polly Hill, who said: “We’re delighted to be returning to Morecambe for another series of The Bay. The series is a huge success story for ITV and we’re grateful to Catherine Oldfield, Daragh Carville and the team at Tall Story Pictures for continuing to create compelling stories and characters.”

The Gazette: The Morecambe based drama will return for a fifth seriesThe Morecambe based drama will return for a fifth series (Image: ITV/Jonathan Birch / © Tall Story Pictures 2023)

Filming for The Bay will start later this year

Catherine Oldfield, Executive Producer, Tall Story Pictures added: “Daragh and I couldn't be happier to be heading back to Morecambe with Marsha and the team for another case. We love making the show and so we're delighted to be producing another series for ITV and viewers at home and abroad.”

Filming for the new series will begin later this year with further casting news still to be announced.

In the fifth series viewers can expect to see the latest case for Morecambe MIU focusing on the emotionally complex life of a divided family.

With the father and mother of the victim bitterly divorced, Jenn Townsend and the team will have to tread very carefully to keep the whole family onside.