FRIENDS of Barshaw Park have launched a new community tool library.

People can now borrow wheelbarrows, shovels, hand tools and more, instead of spending hundreds of pounds buying their own.

Members who sign up for the new scheme can use the tools in their own garden for up to two weeks.

The library has been stocked with restored tools from the Tools Shed Project. 

Rather than buying new, the tools are reclaimed from recycling centres and transported to HMP Edinburgh where people in prison are taught the woodwork and metalwork skills they need to repair them.

The Gazette:

It is anticipated that with support from the community, the library will expand to not only housing tools for the garden but also for jobs around the house.

The group will also be putting on a range of workshops to support people with a green thumb to grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Jamie Kinlochan, a volunteer who helped set up the new tool library, said: "I know myself that cost can be a barrier to getting involved in gardening.

"Good quality tools, to look after even the smallest garden, can cost hundreds of pounds. Finding somewhere to store a full set of tools can be a challenge too.”

He added: “It will be better for the environment and people’s pockets if we can create a shared community resource where people can borrow rather than buy tools and equipment.”

Irene MacDonald, chair of Friends of Barshaw Park, is excited to be launching the library.

She said: “We think that everyone should get to enjoy the benefits that come with gardening and we are really thrilled to be launching this library just in time for the growing season.”