With July finally upon us and many looking to get themselves on a flight to new and exotic holiday locations, finding an affordable option can be tough.

Luckily there are plenty of cheap options suitable for any budget with passengers being able to fly to places like Ireland and the Netherlands for less than £100.

Glasgow Airport is Scotland's largest and is used by Scots across the country to get away during the summer months.

This is why we have looked at the popular comparison site Skyscanner to find the cheapest destinations to fly to from Glasgow Airport this July.

The Gazette: (Canva) Dublin flights start from around £25 from Glasgow Airport(Canva) Dublin flights start from around £25 from Glasgow Airport (Image: Canva)

Glasgow Airport's 13 cheapest holiday destinations to fly to this July

Here are the 13 cheapest flights to unique destinations from Glasgow Airport.

Dublin, Ireland

Cost: £25

Flight type: Direct

Only a short flight away from Glasgow, Dublin offers a vibrant nightlife, has an interesting history and is, of course, the home to the famous Guinness factory. 

London, United Kingdom

Cost: £48

Flight type: Direct

For those wanting to catch a glimpse of famous sights like the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Oxford Street, look no further.

Brussels, Belgium

Cost: £53

Flight type: Direct

This charming city in the heart of Europe offers a good opportunity to learn more about this diverse country while sampling some of its famous beer.

Amsterdam, Netherlandnds

Cost: £92

Flight type: Direct

Amsterdam is best known for its canals, cafe culture and art museums like the Van Gogh Museum. 

Malaga, Spain

Cost: £102

Flight type: Direct

For sun, sea and fun, Malaga is the place to be for those wanting a getaway by the Mediterranean.

The Gazette: (Canva) Paris is often known as the City of Love and Romance(Canva) Paris is often known as the City of Love and Romance (Image: Canva)

Paris, France

Cost: £109

Flight type: Direct

Known as the City of Love and Romance, a Paris getaway could be a good destination for couples.

Porto, Portugal

Cost: £116

Flight type: Direct

Wroclaw, Poland

Cost: £133

Flight type: Direct

Wroclaw is a historic city that has been at the centre of a number of big events. The City has a unique architectural style but also has a zoo and market.

Split, Croatia

Cost: £143

Flight type: Direct

Split is perfect for younger people thanks to its exciting nightlife.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Cost: £155

Flight type: Direct

This Nordic capital is a short flight from Glasgow and is a relaxing experience compared to other areas thanks to its nearby natural steam baths.

The Gazette: (Canva) Porto is the second largest city in Portugal(Canva) Porto is the second largest city in Portugal (Image: Canva)

Verona, Italy

Cost: £164

Flight type: Direct

Verona is a beautiful city and is famous for its links to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Argostoli, Greece

Cost: £180

Flight type: Direct

Berlin, Germany

Cost: £188

Flight type: Direct

Since reunification, Berlin is more open than ever to visitors and is a destination known for its art and museums which can be found across the city.