A care home provider has welcomed the findings of a new report which shows improvements at one of its Renfrewshire sites.

Advinia Care Homes Ltd say they are “very pleased” with the latest inspection of Elderslie Care Home, which was found earlier this year to have “significant weaknesses which compromised people’s health, welfare and safety".

A spokesperson for Advinia told The Gazette that the latest assessment of the home "is tangible proof of the significant improvements which have been made at the home in recent weeks and months".

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As reported by The Gazette last week, the home in Fulbar Road, on the outskirts of Paisley, has received a rating of four for ‘how good is our setting?’ on a six-point scale where one is unsatisfactory and six is excellent.

The other four categories recently evaluated, including ‘how well do we support people's wellbeing?’, ‘how good is our leadership?’, ‘how good is our staff team?’ and ‘how well is our care and support planned?’, were rated as three, meaning adequate.

It shows a step forward for the care home, which we previously reported had appointed a new management team after records sampled by inspectors evidenced people were having “on average one or two baths/showers per month".

Two residents told those carrying out a previous inspection, which was completed on March 3, that they had “not been offered a shower or bath for a number of weeks".

“We would like to pay tribute to our compassionate and dedicated care teams who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the care at Elderslie is of the highest standard," added the spokesperson.

“Finally, we remain committed to our campaign to urge commissioners, both locally and across the UK, to adequately fund care.

“Without the right fees for care, and for care needs, financial viability, safety and quality will, regrettably, always be at risk.”

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Among the key messages of the latest findings were that inspectors observed visible leadership through a new and effective management team , while the Health and Social Care Partnership continued to support improvement.

The consolidation of staff and residents was also found to have delivered positive benefits and staffing was noted as being well planned and managed.

The requirement for agency staff had also been reduced and staff had completed adult support and protection training.

Inspectors also said that family communication had been recommenced and remained under review and that activities and meaningful engagement required further evaluation.