A FURIOUS woman has hit out at Renfrewshire Council and BT Openreach after an "ugly" network pole has been installed directly in front of her house in Paisley.

Carole Little claims that the pole appeared on Thursday, July 20, however, she was not consulted about it or informed of it being put up beforehand.

The woman, who has lived in her home since 2008 believes it's "unfair" that it has just been plonked up right in front of her windows.

The Gazette:

The 58-year-old said: "I got up on Thursday, July 20 and BT Openreach vans were all about the area.

"I then walked out behind my gate to go to work and there was a lorry with a pole on it.

"I said to the workers - 'Should you not let the tenants know you're putting a pole up'. However, they said they had got permission to put it up from the council."

The Gazette:

After her "shocking" discovery, Carole revealed she immediately contacted the council and they informed her to get in touch with Environmental Health.

She said: "I contacted them, and they said there's nothing much they can do. They told me to try another number, which I did, but I've never heard anything back."

The Gazette:

The Paisley resident also contacted BT Openreach to say she "didn't want this happening."

According to the council, the installation of this telecom pole didn't require planning permission due to permitted development rights.

The Gazette:

The frustrated woman believes it is "shocking" that they don't need permission.

Carole claims the pole could create several issues in the area, while also saying it's a massive "eye-sore."

The Gazette:

She said: "It's an absolute eye sore. It's massive.

"If you look on my street there's nothing but poles, however, it's all lights and then in the middle of them, you have this massive, big, brown, ugly pole.

"You can see it from my windows - it's straight in front of my two bedroom windows. It's just as well I've got hedges as I'd be looking at it if I didn't have my hedges." 

The Gazette:

Carole also believes the mast could create several safety issues.

She added: "It's placed in a cul-de-sac and there are children that play here, and I don't know what we're getting off these masses.

The Gazette:

"It's also on a hill, so, if a car comes down that doesn't know the area, they will smack right into it if they don't watch what they're doing.

"Also, if there's any hassle with the pole it will come straight for my house.

"It's not good for the environment either."

Carole continued to say: "I want it down. I want it gone."

A spokesperson for Openreach said: "Our engineers installed the new pole to ensure everyone in the area has service.

"We're aware of the visual impact our equipment can have and the balance between cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, and safety can sometimes be difficult to achieve.

The Gazette:

"The pole is on public land and a statutory 28-day poling notice was sent to Renfrewshire Council to notify them of this work.

"We wouldn't notify residents as the pole is not on privately owned land and it doesn't impede access."

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: "Telecoms masts are considered against the relevant planning legislation and as such the mast in question benefits from permitted development rights.

"We received notification from the operator in line with the legislation and it meets the planning control requirements."