A NEW art installation in Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital is hoping to inspire a conversation about the role of carers in the area.

The “Woven in Renfrewshire” exhibition will feature a series of printed boards telling stories that have been gathered from carers who were asked to share their experiences of formal and informal care.

The feature will be placed in the hospital until next month, with the current works being inspired by carers in Govan.

On top of that, using the inspiration of stories from Renfrewshire carers, lead Artist Tara Beal, with Karen Herbison, Kayleigh McGuinness and Audrey O’Brien will create works in different forms of media including sculpture, performance, writing, live events, and collaborative embroidery.

The work will speak about the pivotal role of Paisley in the history of the Scottish textile industry and will feature a second exhibition in the RAH during the spring of 2024.

Liz Gardiner, Fablevision director, said: “We are honoured to be able to deliver Woven in Renfrewshire as the Scottish partner in a high-profile collaboration called Woven Network which compares and contrasts the experience of Scottish women who are carers with that of women in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, and Northern Europe, Sweden and other Nordics nations.  

“The lived experience of carers is vital for the Scottish Government's current consultation around what should be the shape of a National Care Service and MSPs have already commented on the value of feedback in a creative medium which hits home and is much more accessible for audiences than dry papers and reports.

"We want to hear as many voices as possible so please be in touch to participate!" 

Victoria Cox, RAH general manager, added: “We understand the importance of those who act as carers in the community and the significant contribution they make to healthcare and are delighted to help play a part in sharing the stories of carers with a wider audience and hope that the voice of carers in Renfrewshire will be heard.”