A campaigning councillor has hit out at a housing association over a pipe that is causing misery for a Johnstone mum.

Iain McMillan is concerned about the health of Kirsty Donnelly, who believes the air quality inside her Swallow Drive home has become unsafe.

The mum claims that rainwater, which flows into a pipe underneath the house, becomes stagnant and releases harmful bacteria into the property.

Horizon Housing Association, which owns the property, said their staff had carried out "successful" repairs at the location, including sealing pipe work.

However, Ms Donnelly believes more needs to be done to resolve the issue.

The Gazette:

The Gazette:

The 52-year-old told The Gazette: "Horizon has been told to excavate the pipe but it's still in the ground and it's still taking in stagnant water.

"When rainwater is lying in that pipe and it goes stagnant, the dry air accumulates in here and I can't get a breath.

"My doctor has now given me a test for Legionnaires' disease because of the amount of bacteria that stagnant water can cause."

Mr McMillan, who represents Elderslie, said that Ms Donnelly's dispute with Horizon Housing Association over the pipe had been ongoing for over a year.

He added: "My issue is why it is taking Horizon so long to get things sorted for her, as it seems to be taking an awful long time.

The Gazette:

The Gazette:

"They have been out a few times to sort out bits and pieces but she's now getting tested for Legionnaires' disease.

"We're getting to the stage where it is affecting her health, which takes this to a whole new level and I'm certainly concerned about it."

A spokesperson for Horizon Housing Association said: "At Horizon, we treat any issues of tenant well-being and health and safety very seriously.

"Our staff have been in regular contact with our tenant at this property and have carried out a number of repairs, including sealing pipe work to make sure no sewage is able to flow in or out the property.

"Following this work, no traces of raw sewage have been found by Horizon or our specialist contractor.

"These repairs have been successful, and if the tenant has any further concerns we encourage her to contact us."