Furious Glasgow Airport passengers have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) demanding answers over an apparent delay in security.

Social media users have claimed that there is an ongoing incident at the airport.

The nature of this incident is unknown at this stage and the airport has made no official comment yet. 

However, a source told the Glasgow Times passengers were getting their passports checked manually by cops.

They said: "They closed security, and everyone was being put through a Police checkpoint just before you go into duty-free.

"They set up police stations and everyone was getting their passport manually checked before they were allowed through.

"I'm assuming they were looking for someone. I was in the queue for security for over an hour before it started moving again - I can only imagine how far back it is now."

One passenger also messaged Glasgow Airport on Twitter saying: “Complete backlog at security and gates.

“No information at all being given to passengers. Terrible customer service.

“Flying from UK airports is a painful experience right now.”

Another added: “Utter chaos at Glasgow Airport this afternoon. It appears a police operation is underway and all passengers are being funnelled via a manual passport check by officers.”

Another said: "What is going on with security: massive queues: no announcements. Everyone stuck!"

One Twitter user suggested all security had stopped and they hadn't moved for 45 minutes. 

The Home Office have said they are unable to comment on the situation at this time.

Glasgow Airport and Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.