A trio of super slimmers from Renfrewshire have shared their success stories.

Thomas Morrison, Christine Ramsay and Elaine Jones are members of Slimming World, a weight loss organisation that hosts weekly exercise classes across the area.

The trio have each received support in building healthy habits to help them reach and maintain their target weight.

Thomas, who is a member of Slimming World's Kilbarchan group, has lost 2st 3lbs since he started and has maintained his target weight for over three years.

The Gazette: Thomas Morrison before and afterThomas Morrison before and after (Image: Supplied)

The Johnstone man told The Gazette: "Three years ago, I was overweight, lazy in my exercise and loved cooking, eating and drinking beer. 

"I still love cooking and eating but I've adjusted to the Slimming World way of life. 

"I eat more now than before Slimming World. I've adjusted my recipes to be Slimming World friendly."

Thomas also is more active and walks approximately two to three miles every day with his dog. 

He added: "Life has to go on however if you follow the rules of Slimming World and adjust your lifestyle you will reach your target weight and be a healthier person. 

"However there is a downside, I had to get a whole new set of clothes."

Christine, from Howwood, also attends Slimming World's Kilbarchan group.

She has lost 4stone 9lbs to reach her target weight, which she has maintained for two years.

The Gazette: Christine Ramsay before and afterChristine Ramsay before and after (Image: Supplied)

Christine said: "The biggest change that has helped me stay within target range has been changing my relationship with food. 

"Staying in the group has helped me understand my trigger foods, shopping habits and ways to manage these. And being kinder to myself when I don't make the best choices. 

"The positive of losing weight is having energy and confidence to go to exercise classes."

Elaine, who lives in Foxbar area of Paisley, has lost 4st 2.5lbs and has maintained her target weight for over a year, thanks to her local Slimming World club.

The Gazette: Elaine Jones before and afterElaine Jones before and after (Image: Supplied)

She said: "The support at the group has helped me stay on target and looking at my before-and-after pictures keeps me motivated. 

"I set a target of where I wanted to be for my 50th birthday and smashed it. 

"I am so much more comfortable now and my physical and mental health is so much better."

The trio have shared their stories following a new study published in Clinical Nutrition Open Science, which found three in four respondents who received support in building healthy habits at a weekly slimming club were lighter up to three years after joining, even if they'd stopped attending.

Dr Amanda Avery, Slimming World's health and research consultant dietitian, said: "This research shows anyone who is trying to lose weight and keep it off, how important it is to make healthy lifestyle changes. 

"As no two slimmers are the same, it's the expertise and support members receive at their local Slimming World group which helps them to understand what those changes mean for them."

For more information about Slimming World, visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk.