A DEDICATED fast food fan from Paisley who camped outside Popeyes has shared his happiness after winning free chicken sandwiches for a year.

It comes after the popular American fried chicken joint opened its new store in the Barrhead's retail park at 11am on Monday, September 18.

As part of its opening ceremony, the first three punters in the queue, both in the drive-thru and walk-ins, would win free chicken sandwiches for a whole year.

Fast food fans queued outside the new eatery for as long as 18 hours awaiting its opening.

The Gazette:

Graham Welsh from Paisley was the first customer in the drive-thru queue for the new restaurant.

The 41-year-old explained that he joined the queue at 4.30pm on Sunday, September, 17 - 18 and a half hours before its opening.

Graham told The Gazette he decided to sit for almost a day after his brother-in-law, Gordon Duffy, told him about the opening, while he also revealed he is no stranger to queuing for a freebie.

The Gazette:

He said: "I queued in the drive-thru in my campervan.

"So, my brother-in-law, who is from Barrhead, knows that I've got previous for this as I've done it a few times for Tim Hortons, so he sent me an article about the opening and I just went up and done it.

"I kind of just done it for a laugh.

"I was hardly ruffing it as I was sleeping in the back of a campervan with a double bed and a TV.

"It was a pretty easy night.

The Gazette:

"When I realised I was the first person in the drive-thru, I was like 'dancer' - this is ideal."

He added: "I do love a freebie but as I say I've done this with Tim Hortons for the past few years and I've been getting free coffees, but I give a lot of them away if I'm honest.

"If I see someone homeless, I will normally drive past and go get a coffee and bring it back to them. It will probably be the same with Popeyes."

After his long queue, Graham said he was "very happy" with winning.

He said: "I got one this morning for the first time and it was absolutely delicious. It was lovely.

"I'm very happy." 

The fast food fan revealed he will most likely visit the restaurant twice a week to claim his freebie.

While on top of winning free chicken sandwiches for a year, the Paisley man also bagged himself a fresh Popeyes t-shirt.

The Gazette:

The new restaurant and takeaway will bring flavours of Louisiana to Scotland, with its signature 12-hour marinated chicken and original Southern biscuits and gravy.

The new store has a dining area for 56 people, with 16 seats outside, as well as a drive-thru.

It is just one of the many companies opening at the £16million retail park in the town, at the site of the former Nestle Purina factory.

B&M, Starbucks, Card Factory, and Bayne's the Bakers have already opened their new stores, while Lidl and Burger King have yet to open theirs.