A NURSERY in Johnstone has been slammed by the Care Inspectorate following a scathing inspection report.

It comes after Mid Gavin Nursery in Howwood was visited in August by two inspectors from the watchdog.

During the visit, they spoke with 29 people using the service, staff members and management, observed practice and daily life, and reviewed documents.

However, the nursery went on to receive a scathing report which included the inspectors slamming the centre's CCTV that "significantly compromised children's privacy and dignity" and the outbuilding for containing "damp, mould spores, and an intrusive smell which did not support the wellbeing of staff and children".

In the report, it stated: "We observed that the use of closed circuit television and audio recording surveillance systems were in place throughout the service, and in some areas where children received personal care.

"The provider had not fully considered an impact assessment for the use of surveillance systems and the risks involved.

"They had not sought appropriate permissions from parents and staff, had not informed parents that footage and audio recordings could be accessed by the provider outwith the premises."

Adding: "This significantly compromised children's privacy and dignity."

On top of that, the evaluation said: "The outbuilding contained damp, mould spores, and an intrusive smell which did not support the wellbeing of staff and children."

It also noted: "Infection prevention and control practices did not follow best practice guidance, and children were at risk of infection spreading."

As part of the evaluation, the service was marked in four areas - "How good is our care, play, and learning?" was rated "weak", "How good is our setting?" was also ranked "weak", "How good is our leadership?" was rated "adequate", and "How good is our staff team?" was ranked "adequate".

The key findings of the report were staff were kind and caring in their interactions with children and that staff were in the process of developing as a team and were supportive of each other.

Other key messages included immediate action must be taken to ensure the use of surveillance does not compromise children's privacy and dignity, improvements are required to infection prevention control practices to ensure all areas of the setting are safe and suitable for youngsters, and action must be carried out to ensure the outbuilding is safe and free from intrusive smells, damp, and mould spores.

Meanwhile, the watchdog also said action must be taken to ensure the outdoor environments are free from all hazardous play resources and safe and the provider should "prioritise" making improvements relating to the requirements within the report.

Mid Gavin Nursery has been approached for comment.