FLOODING in Paisley over the weekend has been branded a "nightmare" by local residents.

It comes after the area was hit by floods following the severe weather on Friday and Saturday.

The Met Office had issued an amber weather warning for Renfrewshire.

Sharing an image online, one resident in the town showed a picture of a road in the Ferguslie area completely covered in water.

This resulted in cars not being able to pass through either side of the road for hours. 

On top of that, other areas of Renfrewshire were also affected by floods including Lochwinnoch.

The Gazette:

The resident who snapped the picture of the flooding in Paisley told The Gazette the reoccurring issue is a "nightmare".

They said: "Every time it floods it's a complete and utter nightmare with buses, mobile phones, and your internet connection going down."

While on social media, other residents expressed their concern about the issue in the area.

One said: "It's been happening since I was a kid but it seems to be worsening."

Another added: "That area floods every time - why haven't they done something about it!"

Now, the council have issued a statement following the severe weather at the weekend.

A spokesperson for the local authority said they do "everything in their power" to reduce the risk of flooding, "but unfortunately, during extreme weather conditions, flooding can still occur".

They added: "We maintain 30,000 road drainage gullies with an ongoing programme attending to routes on a daily basis, inspecting and clearing watercourses and gullies and responding whenever we're notified of an issue.

"Scottish Water maintains the roads drainage system.

“When heavy rain is forecast, we target high risk areas, cleaning grids and culverts and highlighting weather warnings and information on the steps residents can take to prepare for flooding. 

“Our teams worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to respond to the unprecedented weather conditions, deploying vehicles to pump water and clear roads and gullies, helping residents and businesses. 

“Following the extreme weather at the weekend, we will now review the impact of the flooding and consider whether any works need to be carried out as a result of it. 

“We would encourage all property owners and council tenants to view the advice on our website with information on how to prepare for and cope with the impact of flooding.

"If anyone is impacted by flooding, they can contact us directly to see if there are any way we can support them.”