Concerns have been raised over the safety of a busy stretch of road in Johnstone that has been described as "confusing" by drivers.

Councillor John Hood told how he was contacted by a number of local residents who have complained about the area of Beith Road near its junction with Elm Drive.

The Johnstone South and Elderslie representative believes a serious accident could happen unless modifications to the road are made as a matter of urgency.

He told The Gazette: "When you are approaching it, you're on a single lane each way and then all of a sudden, you've got this island in the middle of the road with tons of trees on it.

The Gazette:

"Each side then looks like a dual carriageway, as it's marked into two lanes. Then, about 100 metres down the road, it back goes into a single lane each way.

"It's confusing and there have been so many accidents and near misses lately."

Councillor Hood described the layout of the stretch of Beith Road as "a recipe for disaster" due to the area also known locally as a speeding hotspot.

He said: "Local residents, not just in Johnstone Castle, have complained about boy racers going down there.

"There are a lot of folk who use Beith Road to get onto the A737 and if you are a stranger to the area, you're not going to understand what's happening on that part of the road.

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"I think Renfrewshire Council should look at changing it all, marking it differently or even putting bollards up to keep the cars in one lane, because it's a bad design.

"I've been told they are going to measure how many cars are going across the road and what speed they are travelling, but obviously you've got to wait a while to get these results.

"I think if this issue isn't resolved soon, someone is going to be seriously injured."

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire Council said: "Our officers are working with Councillor Hood to understand the issues residents have at this junction.

"We are liaising with the police and carrying out a speed survey. The results of this survey will be used to inform our next steps."