Council tax will be frozen across Scotland next year, Humza Yousaf has announced.

In his first party leader speech to the SNP conference, the First Minister said the government has looked at the issue and made a decision.

There has been a proposal to increase the tax for the highest bands which would've put between 7% and 22.5% a year on Bands between  E to H.

It would have taken an average band E across Scotland to £2001, F to £2590, G to £3259 and H to £4251.

It would’ve meant Band E paying around £2000 a year and Band H £4251.

But Yousaf’s announcement means bills will be frozen, instead,

Yousaf made the announcement, which he said would help people on above average salaries who he said are coming to him for help at his surgeries in Pollok.

He said: “Nurses, police officers, teachers – these workers are the backbone of Scotland’s public services
“And people like them are being hit by this crisis too.
“We know that people are filled with dread when the bills are going up and up.
“We can’t stop all the bills rising – but where we can act, we should.”

He added: “I’ve considered carefully what steps we can take to help.
“Council tax bills in Scotland are already hundreds of pounds a year lower than they are in England.
“We’re committed to fundamentally reforming local taxation and we will re-energise our work to do that.
“We have consulted on what level the council tax should be next year.

 “I can announce to the people of Scotland that, next year, your council tax will be frozen.
“That’s the SNP delivering for people when they need it the most.”