Aspiring chefs from Renfrewshire have been celebrating after graduating from an intensive six-week training programme.

We previously reported how 14 local school leavers had been benefitting from innovative sessions and inspiring masterclasses organised by hospitality trainers Hub International.

The graduates have now completed The Renfrewshire Hospitality and Tourism Training Academy programme, which was supported by local industry experts.

Diana West, catering development manager at OneRen, was one of the hospitality professionals who shared her insights with the group.

As well as describing her career journey so far through an engaging workshop, she showcased the new flagship Paisley Town Hall project to the trainees.

The Gazette: Diana West, catering development manager at OneRenDiana West, catering development manager at OneRen (Image: Supplied)

The school leavers also gained hands-on experience and completed industry-specific qualifications to help pave the way for promising careers in the hospitality industry.

A spokesperson for Hub International said: "These graduates now enter the hospitality industry with a sense of passion, technical expertise, and the confidence to excel in various roles. 

"The Hub International Training Academy's mission is to support young talent in gaining the skills and employment opportunities they need to succeed.

"This is just one example of the training academies like this that we are running.

"It is our passion at Hub International to invest in the success of the hospitality industry and it's made even better by creating a promising future for some of these young people."