Parents have been spooked by a ban on Halloween costumes at a Renfrewshire school.

For a number of years, pupils at Kilbarchan Primary have been allowed to wear fancy dress to school on October 31.

However, youngsters at the school have been informed that they must only wear their uniform this Tuesday.

More than 120 people have now backed an online petition calling for the decision to be reversed.

The petition states: "We, the undersigned parents and guardians of students at Kilbarchan Primary, are writing to express our concerns about the recent decision to ban Halloween costumes at the school. 

"Halloween has been a cherished tradition for our children, offering a unique opportunity for creativity, excitement, self-expression, and promoting improved communication between parents and students.

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"We respect the school's commitment to inclusivity but believe the outright ban on costumes has caused disappointment and confusion among the children.

"We propose improved communication and collaboration with parents and students to find a solution that balances inclusivity with the freedom to express creativity.

"We kindly request the school administration to reconsider this decision, involve parents and students in the decision-making process, and explore alternatives that preserve the spirit of Halloween while ensuring inclusivity."

Several parents shared their disappointment at the school's decision in comments under the online petition.

Rebecca Jermond wrote: "I am sad for our kids missing out on these moments, these core memories of growing up. 

"I argue that you are not being inclusive to children who do not have access to out-of-school clubs or other groups of children socialising outwith the classroom. 

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"This is some kids' only opportunity to have these sorts of parties/events and may look forward to seeing their other friends dressed up."

Cheryl Smith added: "The decision to ban Halloween costumes shows that the school is not inclusive to our children. 

"It gives the wrong example that cultural celebrations or indeed religious celebrations are not supported by the school. 

"Instead of teaching our children to respect all religious and non-religious holidays and to understand why we have traditions around the world, the school is taking away learning opportunities that create fun."

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: "Any decisions on Halloween activities in school are made at the discretion of each headteacher.

"Kilbarchan Primary School are asking children not to dress up for Halloween this year as part of their commitment to ensure the school environment is inclusive of all children and to be mindful of additional financial pressures this may pass on to parents and carers.

"Many classes will still take part in Halloween-themed learning activities throughout the day."