Renfrewshire Council has been accused of "pandering" to bus firm McGill's over plans for a new one-way system around the Gallowhill 'loop' in Paisley.

The proposal aims to reverse the transport operator's decision to stop running their 64 service, which went from Gallowhill through Paisley to Ferguslie Park and on to the Phoenix Retail Park.

In a letter recently sent to local residents, Gerard Hannah, head of climate, public protection and roads at Renfrewshire Council, said: "McGills have intimated they would re-establish the old route if road improvements were made so we are proposing to implement a one-way traffic system in the same direction as the bus route through the Gallowhill 'loop'.

"This would go in the same clockwise direction as previously served by the 64 service, beginning at the junction of Netherhill Rd and Dundonald, and travelling along Netherhill Road, Dundonald Road, Brewster Avenue, Montgomery Road, Netherhill Cottages, Knowe Road, Motehill Road, and finally exiting the Gallowhill 'loop' travelling west from Marjory Drive."

"One-way traffic signage will be displayed along the route as required and these signs will be lit to ensure visibility at all hours improving evening journeys navigation for all road users."

The Gazette:

Jason Nairn, who lives close to the proposed one-way system, believes the plans demonstrate that Renfrewshire Council is trying to "appease" McGill's using taxpayers' money.

He told The Gazette: "The council is pandering to a bus company that makes millions of pounds a year. Why are they not paying for these road changes?

"It appears an awful lot of money is being spent for a private company to reinstate a bus route despite there being no guarantees on whether they are actually going to do this.

"We need to buy a permit to get the council to collect our garden waste because they claim it costs them too much, but they now apparently have enough money to pay for lit signs to be installed along this one-way route."

Mr Nairn has also raised concerns over the length of the time being given to local residents to provide feedback on the plans.

He added: "It looks like the council already made this decision because they've already started resurfacing the roads on the proposed route.

"It feels very much like they are pushing it through."

The Gazette:

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: "The proposal serves as a response to requests from members of the public and councillors, to look for a way to help local residents retain convenient access to the McGill’s buses No. 64 bus service from Gallowhill through Paisley to the Phoenix Retail Park.

"The proposal for the implementation of a one-way traffic system in Gallowhill is also designed to improve traffic flow and road safety in the area for all road users, as well as having the potential to make it easier for emergency vehicles to navigate.

"We recognise the possible impact a one-way system could have on the residents of Gallowhill. Before any official moves are made towards creating the traffic order, people who live in the area can share their views by emailing or calling the team. The deadline for responses is November 10, 2023. If the majority of residents are not in favour of the proposal, it will not go ahead."

Local residents looking to send responses can email them to or call 0300 300 0380.