Worried residents in a Linwood street have raised safety fears over a large pile of rubbish that has been left abandoned near their homes for several weeks.

Locals have expressed their disgust at the unsightly litter outside 12 Morar Drive, with images of the mess being shared on social media.

It is understood that the waste was originally inside the recently vacated property, which now has boarded-up windows.

There have been complaints about the garbage leaving a foul smell in the street, with rats also being spotted near the rubbish.

Local resident Scott Hay said he had reported the issue to Renfrewshire Council several times about getting the mess cleared up.

The Gazette:

The 52-year-old told The Gazette: "The neighbours I've spoken to have said they've been phoning up and complaining as well, but nothing has been done about it.

"It's stinking, it smells like something has died in there.

"There are now rats as well, we've spotted two near our home and are worried about them getting into our home.

"It's disgusting."

Mr Hay, who is in remission after suffering from cancer, is concerned about how the pile of rubbish could impact the health of people living in Morar Drive.

He said: "One of our neighbours has had a micro premature baby and they're due to get out of hospital this week, but you can't have a wee baby being exposed to this.

The Gazette:

"There have been kids playing near the rubbish and going in amongst it to find their ball, so I'm worried about somebody catching something from it."

Mr Hay also believes recent skin rashes experienced by him and other family members may potentially be connected to their exposure to the waste.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: "We issued a statutory notice requiring that the persons responsible remove the waste within five days of having been notified. 

"As the waste has not been cleared, we are arranging a clearance and will recharge the cost to the property owner."

We previously reported in August that the SSPCA had launched an investigation after a dog was found dead inside a property in Morar Drive.

A Scottish SPCA Inspector said: "We received a complaint in August this year regarding a death of a dog in Linwood.  This has been fully investigated and is now concluded."