An opticians at the Sainsbury's branch in Braehead has helped to contribute to recycling more than 50 tonnes of glasses and eye care materials that customers have dropped off.

Teaming up with recycling experts MYgroup, collection points have been available in the Specsavers store for customers to recycle their unwanted specs and contact lens packaging.

Since the initiative began in August 2022, the equivalent of one million pairs of glasses have been recycled at stores across the UK.

Jane Gottschlich, store director at the Specsavers in Braehead, said: "A big thank you to everyone who has helped us with this recycling initiative by bringing in their eye care products for disposal.

"To have also contributed to such a huge overall total is brilliant and we want to continue to recycle as much as we can to help reduce the amount of waste to landfill.

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"Customers can drop off metal and plastic glasses and sunglasses, as well as contacts lenses and accessories, including blister packs, contact lens cases and solution bottles. Unfortunately we can't accept glasses cases or lens cloths."

Once the collection bins are full, the items are shipped to MYgroup’s recycling plant. 

The glasses and contact lenses are given a second lease of life and repurposed into a wide range of items such as furniture, home and garden accessories, including benches and play park equipment.

It can also be used in the building trade as a great alternative to plywood. 

Unlike some recycled items, the recycled board created by MYgroup has the potential to be recycled over and over again, so any items dropped off for recycling can be repurposed multiple times.

You can drop off any unwanted glasses or eye care materials by visiting the store or call 01418 466 831 for more information.