A mum has thanked the heroes who saved her son’s life.

Siobhan Ronaldson, 36, has hailed nurses at Royal Alexandra Hospital Neonatal Unit for helping her boy Brodie Robertson, who suffers from a rare bone condition.

The eight-year-old, from Paisley, was born with Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia (POH) causing bone to develop in parts of the body where it should not normally be present.

After being born 11 weeks premature and with POH, medics fought hard to save his life leaving Siobhan very grateful for their hard work.

Now she has joined nurses with Brodie to complete Bliss Little Lights sponsored walk and raised £700 for sick and premature baby charity Bliss so they can help other families.

The Gazette: Siobhan Ronaldson and son Brodie at Royal Alexandra Hospital where he spent a lot of his young life with the team that helped him.Siobhan Ronaldson and son Brodie at Royal Alexandra Hospital where he spent a lot of his young life with the team that helped him. (Image: Gordon Terris)

She said: “The nurses and medics saved my son's life, without them he would not be here.

“They do such an amazing job and I have stayed in touch with them since they helped Brodie as a baby.

“I always want to support them and a charity called Bliss, so when I found out they were doing this walk to save money I knew we wanted to be involved.

“It was a very stressful and painful time when Brodie was in hospital but they did everything they could to help us.

“For the rest of my life I will try and help them to return the thanks, they saved my wee boy.”

The Gazette: Mum Siobhan with son BrodieMum Siobhan with son Brodie (Image: Gordon Terris)

The schoolboy was born weighing a tiny 1lb 7oz and spent four months in hospital enduring a number of surgeries for his then unknown condition.

However, the operations sadly made his disorder worse as more bone forms within his skin and muscle tissue if Brodie experiences any cut or even small scrape.

He now has very limited movement in his right side, as the condition heavily affects his arm and mobility.

There are less than 100 known cases in the whole world and the incurable illness leaves Brodie now relying on a wheelchair.

Despite his struggles, Brodie remains a very happy boy leaving his mother extremely “proud of him”.

Siobhan said: “His condition has gotten worse over the years but as it has progressed he has stayed a happy boy.

“He goes to school and is enjoying it, which is really nice to see.

“Brodie is just like other children. He wants to chill out and have fun but he happens to be one of the few people in the whole world affected by his condition.

“He is managing really well though, he is used to his life and does things his own way, I am very proud of him.”

Bliss Little Lights is a sponsored walk with lanterns, fairy lights or anything that helps shine, to light the way for the 90,000 babies that are cared for in neonatal units every year in the UK.

The walk on Thursday, November 16 saw Siobhan and Brodie light up the night with nurses as they carried fairy lights to raise awareness.

Brodie had special lights fitted onto his wheelchair so he could help the heroes who saved his life.