Council chiefs expect the cost-of-living crisis to impact the level of council tax collection in Renfrewshire this year, a report has revealed.

Just under £60 million of a billable sum of £101,024,955 for 2023/24 had been collected by late September.

However, it’s anticipated the harsh economic climate will affect how much of the total amount is recovered by the close of the financial year.

“It is expected that the ongoing cost-of-living crisis is likely to have an impact on the level of collection this year,” a report to the finance, resources and customer services policy board said.

It comes as household energy prices are set to rise in January, with regulator Ofgem confirming the cap will increase by five per cent.

Councillor Graeme Clark, a Labour representative for Paisley Northeast and Ralston, said at the board on Thursday: “I see, and this is not surprising, that the ongoing cost-of-living crisis is likely to have an impact on the level of council tax collection this year.

“Convener, I know it’s not possible to predict outcomes at this time, but can I ask that we as members are kept informed if there’s any significant downturn in collections in council tax in January and February?

“I note that there will be a five per cent rise in the cost of fuel during these months and so it would be helpful if we can get an early notification if there’s a larger drop. If there’s not then that’s okay.”

Councillor John Shaw, board convener and SNP representative for Renfrew North and Braehead, responded: “In terms of the council tax, Councillor Clark, the normal reporting measures are here through the finance board.

“I’m not sure we’re expecting a massive drop-off, but certainly we do report it here and I would expect that to continue.”

Emma Shields, the council’s strategic service delivery manager, added: “We are monitoring the council tax collection very closely and absolutely we would report any change to what we’re reporting at the moment.”