A Paisley dad has launched a range of 2024 calendars featuring pictures of his beloved home town.

Gavin Divers, 40, has teamed up with a local commercial printer to help share the work of several talented photographers.

The dad-of-three was inspired to start the project after spotting a gap in the market for Paisley-themed calendars.

Gavin told The Gazette: "I realised Paisley didn't have its own dedicated calendar, which was a great shock to me.

"I did do a calendar in 2019 but it was a logistical nightmare and I swore I would never do it again.

The Gazette:

"But after having conversations with Alan Simpson at Minuteman Press, I knew I could get support from my local printer.

"The fact that I could get a relationship going with them really means that we can do anything we want print-wise for Paisley."

The former Gleniffer High pupil's project aims to help celebrate the history of Paisley, with old photographs capturing the changing landscape of the town.

One of the new calendars showcases the work of renowned Paisley photographer Harry Hornby, who spent over 40 years documenting his home town using his trusty Pentax camera.

Stunning images of the town's unique architecture and landmarks, such as Paisley Abbey and Anchor Mill, have also been captured by award-winning photographer Ronnie Bales.

Around £3 from each calendar sold is being donated to The Star Project, which delivers a broad range of community support in Paisley. 

The Gazette:

Gavin said: "We chose The Star Project because it helps disadvantaged individuals and I've worked with them in the past.

"They do really make quite a big difference to the town, so I was very keen to give back to them as well.

"I think this is a good thing for everyone to get behind, as it allows us to make a difference one calendar at a time."

Each calendar costs £20 and can be purchased at www.paisleycalendars.co.uk.

Gavin added: "If there are any older individuals that are worried about paying on a website, they can go to Minuteman Press and they will have stock to be able to pick up from."

To contact Minuteman Press, call 0141 848 0606 or email paisley@minutemanpress.com.