A garden centre at Braehead is hosting a free workshop this weekend that will show how a bright houseplant can enhance homes this Christmas.

Dobbies' Grow How session on Saturday, December 2, will give customers a guide on how to look after Poinsettias through the festive season.

Gardening experts will be on hand from 10.30am to showcase different varieties of the houseplant and how to select the right one for your home.

From Cinnamon, Marble, Christmas Beauty and Sky Star, attendees can explore a diverse array of options, including the iconic rich red Poinsettia.

The session will provide tips on care, the importance of a bright spot with at least six hours of indirect sunlight per day, how often it needs fed, and the top pruning techniques.

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Claire Bishop, senior houseplant buyer at Dobbies, said: "Poinsettias are a great way to adorn your home with bright pops of colour this Christmas. 

"We all know and love the classic red, but we are excited to shine some light on the other varieties of Poinsettias during our Grow How session in Glasgow that will bring vibrancy to your decorations this Christmas.

"This beloved houseplant is a staple for the festive period, however, can be tricky to care for. 

"Placing your Poinsettia in a bright spot away from any drafts will help your plant thrive. 

"I’d recommend only watering when the soil feels noticeably dry to the touch and your plant will benefit from monthly feedings into the new year."

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