SECTARIAN music, a child using a leaf blower for hours at a time, and dogs barking were amongst the dozens of reasons residents lodged noise complaints to Renfrewshire Council last year.

It has been revealed that a total of 755 complaints were raised with the local authority throughout 2022.

One of the first complaints of the year was lodged to the council on January 6 for "loud music" in the PA2 area, while one of the last ones of the year was lodged on Christmas Day (December 25) due to a "neighbour playing drums" in the Paisley East and Central area.

On average, 62 complaints were raised with the council each month across the year.

In January, 74 noise complaints were raised including "hammering at all different times of the day and night" in the PA3 4 area and "loud offensive music" in the Renfrew North and Braehead ward.

While in February, 52 complaints were made including "kids running, thumping, and screaming" in the Paisley Southwest area and "banging" noises in the PA2 6 postcode area.

In March, the local authority received 79 complaints such as "slamming doors" in the PA1 2 area and a "child using a leaf blower for hours at a time" in the PA11 postcode.

Meanwhile, in April, 65 issues were raised including "deliberate foot stomping and dropping items on the floor" in the PA1 1 area and noise from "swearing and bullying from a resident" in the PA2 0 area.

In May there were 62 complaints, June there were 68, and 78 in both July and August.

These included "karaoke noise", "excessive noise - fighting, and disturbances", "vibration from a soundbar", and noise from a "washing machine" being on "throughout the day and night".

In September, 54 complaints were lodged, in October, 55, in November, 50, and in December, 40.

For the last four months of the year, issues complained about included "loud sectarian music" in the PA2 9 area, noise from a cat in the PA5 9 postcode, dogs barking across the area, and "construction site noise" in the PA9 ward.

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire Council said: “We appreciate that excessive noise levels can be a real nuisance.

"If anyone has a problem with noise bothering them in their home, they can make a complaint to the council's Noise Enforcement Team.

“We will investigate the complaint. If the noise is being caused by antisocial behaviour and is louder than the levels allowed, then we may serve a warning notice on the person responsible.

“If the person doesn’t stop making the noise, then a fixed penalty notice may be issued.

"In certain circumstances, or outside the hours our noise service operates, the police can also deal with noise complaints.

“You can call the Noise Enforcement Team on 07768 988186. The service is available Monday to Thursday, 8.45am to 4.45pm, and on Fridays 8.45am to 3.55pm. Outside these times, please call the Renfrewshire Wardens Service on 0300 300 0380 (option 1) or Police Scotland on 101.

“Concerns about noise from business or industrial premises can be reported to our Environmental Health Team on 0300 300 0380 (option 5). They will investigate the complaint.

"If they find noise levels that break the law then they will take appropriate action.”

A request for 2023 figures has been submitted to the local authority.