A Renfrewshire nursery has received a glowing report from the Care Inspectorate.

Three inspectors carried out an unannounced inspection of Bridge of Weir Early Learning and Childcare Class on November 22, with their findings outlined in a report published yesterday (January 3).

The service, which operates within Bridge of Weir Primary School and is provided by Renfrewshire Council, has its own entrance area, secure outdoor play area and three playrooms.

Children also have access to a separate lunch room which opens out to an enclosed outdoor area.

Based on a scale of 1 to 6 where 1 is unsatisfactory and 6 is excellent, it was rated as 5 meaning very good for ‘how good is our care, play and learning?’, ‘how good is our setting?’, ‘how good is our leadership?’ and ‘how good is our staff team?’.

Among its key messages, the report said that “children experienced kind and compassionate care with respectful and responsive interactions from staff” and that “holistic opportunities to develop language, literacy and numeracy skills were strongly evident throughout the early years class".

It also stated that staff had carefully considered the layout of the playrooms and created spacious zones that invited children into high-quality play and learning spaces.

A collaborative ethos and strong leadership supported staff to have high aspirations and confidence in their abilities, contributing to positive outcomes for children and families, it was also found.

Finally, staff were reported as highly skilled in ensuring positive outcomes for children throughout the day.

There was said to be "a very good mix of skills, knowledge and experience in the staff team".

The service is registered to provide a day care of children service to a maximum of 58 children, not yet of an age to attend primary school, at any one time.

Of those 58, no more than 10 are aged two to under three and no more than 48 are aged three to those not yet attending primary school.

To prepare for the inspection, the Care Inspectorate reviewed information about the service.

This included previous inspection findings, registration information, information submitted by the service and intelligence gathered since the last inspection.

In making our evaluations of the service, the Care Inspectorate spoke with children using the service and received questionnaires from 12 of their families.

They also spoke with staff and management, observed practice and daily life, and reviewed documents.

The report also stated that no complaints have been upheld since the last inspection.