An early learning and childcare centre in Renfrew has received a glowing report according to a recent inspection.

An unannounced inspection of Kirklandneuk Early Learning and Childcare Centre was carried out on December 5 by two inspectors.

The service, which is a daycare provided by Renfrewshire Council, is registered to allow up to 56 at one time between the ages of three and those not at primary school.

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Evaluated using a six-point scale where 1 is unsatisfactory and 6 is excellent, it received two 5 ratings and two 4 ratings.

The two 5 rating categories, which fall under "very good", were 'how good is our care, play and learning?' and "how good is our setting?" 

The two categories that received a 4 rating, which fall under "good", were 'how good is our leadership?' and 'how good is our staff team?'.

The inspectors said that they found "strengths in aspects of the care provided" and "how these supported positive outcomes for children".

Environments such as outdoors were deemed to be bright, clean and uncluttered with furniture for children provided to add a home feeling to the centre.

Staff were deemed to be welcoming, caring and working well as a team, with enough staff levels to meet the needs of the children.

Finally, the management was said to be committed to delivering a quality service for the children and their families, with it "evident" through discussions.

No complaints have been upheld since the last inspection.