A MEMORIAL service will be held in Paisley to commemorate those who have lost their lives to suicide.

Known as the Memory Tree event, the annual service will be held on January 18 outside Renfrewshire House to give bereaved family and friends a chance to remember lost loved ones and celebrate their lives.

Provost Lorraine Cameron, who helped establish the tree, said: "Our annual memorial event to those we have lost to suicide is a very important event here in Renfrewshire and offers everyone who has been affected by suicide the chance to remember our loved ones and share memories with others who understand how we are feeling."

“Suicide is still very much a taboo subject, but our Choose Life Coordinator and other local support networks will be available after the service to provide any support you, or a friend or family member, may need.

“If you’re unable to make it along, please get in touch with the team to talk about how you are feeling or what support you need. Someone is always there to listen.”

The service also aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and offer a supportive space for anyone who is struggling.

As part of the service, there will be the opportunity to place a purple heart on the memorial tree with a message to a loved one who’s been lost.

The writing of messages on the hearts will commence from 3.30pm at Renfrewshire House Customer Contact Centre, before the service itself starts at 4.15pm.

First established in 2010, the memorial is dedicated to those who died through suicide.

If you are feeling suicidal, or you know someone that might be, then please call one of the following helpline numbers: Samaritan’s 116 123, Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87, RAMH First Crisis 0141 849 90 90 or 0500 829 093.