Renfrewshire Council has been urged to use new powers to introduce a full ban on pavement parking by MSP Ross Greer. 

The Scottish Green MSP said there should be limited exemptions on the ban, such as for emergency service vehicles.

Mr Greer said: "Pavements must be safe for everyone to use, they’re not just extra parking spaces for cars.

“Yet, all over Renfrewshire we see some inconsiderate drivers parking wherever they want, forcing those with buggies, in wheelchairs and other more vulnerable pedestrians onto the road just to get past them."

Renfrewshire Council has the power to enforce the ban after a law supported by Mr Greer was passed.

Now, all councils are free to act on the legislation, which became effective last month. Tackling pavement parking will make pavements safer for pedestrians, especially parents with buggies, wheelchair users, and those with mobility challenges.

The council has however indicated that enforcement will begin in November, in contrast to the City of Edinburgh Council's plans to start enforcing the ban at the end of January.

MSP Greer added: "Nobody should have to put themselves in a dangerous position because a car is parked where it shouldn’t be. Enforcing this ban is an important step in ensuring that our streets and communities are safer for everyone.

“That’s why I’m encouraging Renfrewshire Council to use these new powers to introduce a full ban with only very limited exemptions as soon as possible.”