A dad-of-three cycled 324 miles from Venice to Milan to raise thousands of pounds for the charity that helped him face his own mental health issues.

Frankie Greig, who looks after young learners at West College Scotland, Paisley Campus, cycled in the Italian Lakes Cycle Event to raise £2,880 in support of the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC).

The 41-year-old said: "The EIC is all about helping people when they need it most and I’ve benefited from their support as I suffer from poor mental health.

"I know that the EIC has also done a lot for my apprentices as well as some of the adult trainees at West College Scotland so I’m delighted I can give something back to the charity for its support.

The Gazette: The five-day challenge took place in October which saw Frankie Greig cycle from Venice to Milan

"There was a big hill every day and they ranged from not bad to really steep then on to pretty vicious. I think the first day was the worst as the road just kept on climbing for seven miles."

During the five-day challenge in October, Frankie said although he felt he was slower than the rest and struggled on the hills, he was proud to have reached the finish line.

He added: "It made me realise I shouldn’t have worried about too many things – I just needed to focus on what’s important, rather than worry about all the miles ahead.

"There were times I doubted I could complete the challenge but every evening I was buoyed up by the messages of support on social media from my family, colleagues and friends in the industry."

He encouraged people in the electrical industry to sign up for such challenges to help the EIC continue the work they do.

The Gazette: Frankie Greig, far left, at the finish line

Alan Wilson, managing director of SELECT, said: "Many congratulations to Frankie for completing this exhausting challenge.

"We applaud his personal courage too in being willing to speak out about issues which sometimes, tragically, remain hidden.

"The electrical sector, and the construction industry as a whole, has become much more aware of the importance of mental health, especially since the pandemic, and has redoubled its efforts to support our people and maintain their wellbeing.

"I’m sure Frankie’s story will be an inspiration to many in the industry and the money will be used by the EIC to support others needing help."