A HOUSTON man got in a fight and burst a stranger's nose in a Glasgow bar.

Gavin Faulkner, 38, was at a stag do at the Horseshoe Bar in the city centre on February 25, 2023.

A fight broke out between him and another man.

During this, Faulkner overpowered the man and headbutted him, causing him to fall back and burst his nose.

Faulkner was restrained while police arrived. When they did, he punched one cop, resulting in his glasses falling off.

He was cautioned and charged.

He appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court in front of Sheriff Mary Shields last week after he pleaded guilty to behaving aggressively and assaulting the man and the officer.

His lawyer said: "He is 38 years old with no previous convictions.

"He is in employment.

"He is embarrassed. The man became a touch provocative in his language.

"He is not in any more trouble."

He was fined £220 and given 28 days to pay.