AS storm Isha continues to batter Scotland, many areas across Renfrewshire will reflect the damage dealt through the night.

Many residents woke up this morning with bins missing, fences broken and some damage caused to their property. 

An amber weather warning for wind was in place across Renfrewshire from 6pm yesterday until 6am this morning, and a yellow weather warning remains in place until 12pm. 


Trains across the full of Scotland stopped operating after 7pm last night (January 21) after ScotRail took the decision to terminate them due to the high winds reported by the Met Office. 

Train services have been cancelled this morning (January 22) to allow for track inspections and clearances to take place. 

The Gazette:


As the winds grew stronger lots of trees and other items wreaked havoc along paths and at people's homes.

One resident posted on social media that their summer house of four years was ripped apart after some windows and the side of the house had disappeared. 

It left the beautiful escape in their garden open to the elements with water able to seep in. 

Meanwhile, in Linwood, a tree along a footpath has blocked the way for dog walkers and others who use it.

The large tree looks to have been uprooted by the strong winds causing it to topple across the path with no way around it.

Also, another tree blocked a part of a busy road in Elderslie on Glenpatrick Road during the night after one user on Facebook alerted everyone of the ordeal.

As the tree has fallen it has also damaged a street light, snapping it in half, leaving it laying on the road.

Another user updated people in the morning to show the damage in the daylight that the path had been completely blocked, along with part of the road, however, the road was still able to be used with one side clear.

Missing items

Many residents will have woken up this morning to fewer items than they went to bed with.

Bins, trampolines and other items have gone AWOL.

A Renfrew native took to social media to ask if anyone had "lost a trampoline" after they reportedly saw it "fly" through the air.

ScotRail also highlighted items found on the train lines including two bins.

The rail company thanked Network Rail operators for helping move them after they were said to be "extremely heavy".