More than 43,000 automatic payments have been issued to help parents and carers with living costs and starting school.

Tens of thousands of people getting Scottish Child Payment have been awarded Best Start Grant Early Learning and School Age Payments without the need to apply separately.

Natalie Don, SNP MSP for Renfrewshire North and West, said: "The introduction of automatic payments means the Scottish Government is getting money to families quickly in the crucial early years of their child’s development."

Each eligible child is entitled to one-off payments of £294.70 for items like clothing, toys, and school trips.

Some parents and carers don’t get Scottish Child Payment but could still qualify for the two grants and they have been urged to apply. 

These include people who opted out of automatic payments and some who get housing benefits.

Ms Don said: “While the majority of eligible people get these payments automatically, I would urge anyone who doesn’t to check if they are eligible and make sure they get the support they are entitled to.

“The Scottish Government is absolutely committed to tackling poverty and we are doing everything we can within our power to make life easier for people.

"In 2024-25 the Scottish Government is committing a record £6.3 billion for benefits expenditure, providing support to over 1.2 million people. This is £1.1 billion more than the UK Government gives to the Scottish Government for social security, demonstrating our commitment to put more money in people’s pockets."